Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Finally! May is here. April just dragged, the school days and workouts and yard work just all being blenderized in a mess that was hard to keep track of.
On the athletic front, things are improving. Bike rides are getting longer and I have my running up to 30 miles a week on a regular basis.
Last weekend I ran the first 10k I've run (as a stand alone event) in probably 3 years! The Pikes Peek 10k runs from the Shady Grove metro station to White Flint on a course that drops almost 200 ft. It has it's up hill sections but the downhills are fast. Smooth road surface and great organization make for a good time.
Hadn't been doing any speed work so I felt I'd be lucky if I broke an hour. Of course that's the beauty of having poor self confidence. You always do better!
I ran in :50 minutes and change...I'm running in the 55 -59 age group now and it's interesting to notice that the times generally slow. However...if I had been doing speed work and had been working at it, I would have run my usual time of 43 or 44 minutes, which would have put me on the podium in my AG.
Felt good the whole time...afterward my ankle even felt ok. But I'm still guarded on that. Still have bits of discomfort and at times it feels weak despite PT and my keeping up with that program.
Wanted to bike a century on the eastern shore today, but am fighting a cold...better to lay low and do something short.
Have to look at the various schedules for bike, runs, and other races and see what I can get into.
Realized I haven't been here much as of late...too much time on Facebook! Need to get back over here..this is much more fun!