Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1000 Channels

Have been relegated to sitting on the couch and watching movies, reading and...watching TV.
Many of you who know us know that ML and I are not TV watchers at all. So much of it is inane and vapid and that's not snobbery. It's the truth. You can find some interesting things though:
The weight of the Sun in grams is 92 to the 36 power.
You can be fined $10k if ANY of your crabs are undersize.
The Strada Bianca get muddy when it rains:
Plasma coolant can destroy organic matter.
Folks that win the London Marathon are impossibly small.
"Gold diggers of 1935" was probably just as bad then as it is now.
There's a 90% chance that the world will be destroyed by a meteor...and we won't see it coming.
The only news channel worth watching is the BBC.
You can make "happy trees" very easily using the tip of the brush.
Rick Steves has a VERY cool job.

Today is big day number one in the recovery phase. Off to the Doc this afternoon to have my bandages removed and then get casted. I am excited as I'm dying to know what the incision looks like. Have been trying to cut back a bit on the pain meds but sometimes it just hurts like a mamma jamma. Not sharp pain but a throbbing ache deep inside...the same kind I had as a kid in the hospital.
One week down and five more till ML and I can have a normal life...If you can call our life normal!

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