Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball stitch

Here's a shot from yesterday, when I was between casts. Doc was great and he explained the cut well. The curve under the malleolus was for reaching and repairing the three ligaments. He had to go high in the back to replace the bone that had broken off the talus.
He used a baseball stitch.
Now casted again for three more weeks , then be in a walking cast after that to start PT.
So I'm thinking a little tattoo of a ski jumper? Incorporating it into the Nike Swoosh? A lopsided smiley face?


  1. Scars are cool! in the world do you and Dr. Frank know each other??? He's FUR...that is, when he decides to come out to run with us :)

  2. Man I missed this, sorry to hear about your pain dude.. I will say to you what I say to everyone, this is the time to chill meditate on the good things in life and suck down those will come back...
    you could have a swimmer, cyclist, runner tat along that scar :-)