Wednesday, June 2, 2010

S-l-o-w M-o-t-i-o-n

Now...three weeks post surgery and everything seems to have shifted into slow motion...At first the time seemed to be going quickly, but now it's not. I have to check a calendar to see what day it days are marked by what time Mythbusters comes on and bed time is usually after Cash Cab.
I miss work like mad. I know if I were still able to get to work and, the time would be just ripping by. It always does this time of year. But here at home with my leg up the time just drags...I miss the kids.
I'm not having much pain now, but still take a half a pain pill from time to time when I get this disquieting uncomfortable feeling inside my foot. I understand why I have to keep my foot up most of the time. My skeletal/muscle pump can't work in my right foot as it's completely leaving it down for short periods of time makes the toes turn blue and look like gets uncomfortable. Put it up, and in a few minutes, it's good to...not go anywhere.
One more week till I'm back at the doctor and get my stitches out. I'm hoping for a walking cast, but ML reminded me that I'll probably be in a removable boot...but still unable to walk on it.

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