Friday, June 11, 2010

Arg! Pfffft! ugh! huhhh!

Don't use a muscle for four weeks. I dare you. Not some weenie muscle but one you really need like...your quads or hammies or your GASTROCNEMIUS! (calf)
After four weeks of being bound up in fiberglass and having no use of my lower leg muscles now I can use them again.
Wednesday I was off to the doctor and got my walking cast, as noted in a previous post. Yesterday morning I woke up and following doc's orders I used my crutches until I got the feel for my walking boot...It didn't take long. I'm in good shape and have good balance and know my body pretty by yesterday at lunch time I'm clunking around the house like a zombie in "Thriller." At least I'm mobile!
By yesterday calf was cramping and seizing and I even noticed it in my quad.
OK ,so I walked a bit too much on it. The doc did say use it "just a bit" at first...well my "just a bit" is one hell of a alot bigger than most folks!
Still...I hadn't used those muscles in 4 weeks, not to mention the abuse of surgery that my ankle had undertaken...Sore today. Wearing a compression sock under my walking cast.
So today I'll back off and ease into it.
PT starts Monday! I'm sure that will be "fun!"
I have been able to keep up with some core work during all this but not much. I even managed to lose weight instead of pack it on...but that may have been partially because of the narcotics!

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