Friday, July 31, 2009

IMLP Geek-o-meter!

Time for the IMLP 2009 Geek-o-meter!
The sole purpose of this entry is to spit out numbers for those of you who get a throbbin' bobbin over anything that involves digits.

(As you may have read in the previous post I did Ironman Lake Placid with an injured foot...that said, here we go!

Finish time: 15:38:51
Swim time: 1:24 (in my usual ball park)
Bike time: 7:23 (includes pedaling the last 20 miles on one leg.)
Run time: 6:29 (that's an average 14:50 per mile)

I wore a Qunitana Roo Ultra Full wetsuit and Aqua Sphere goggles for the swim.
My bike is a 2001 Specialized pro edition frame, alloy, 54cm, zebra stripped.
Drive train is a combo platter of Dura Ace and Ultegra with Zero G brakes.
Bontrager wheels with Conti Competition tires.
Thomson seat post, Bontrager stem and Salsa Handlebars
Seat is Teri Fly
Computer is Cat Eye Strada and the Orca Squeaky toy was made in America by Co-Union.
On the run I wore Nike Vomero size 11.
I wore the same outfit all day...A nice orange/white and grey number from the 24 Hours of Booty. It was my way of helping to bring awareness to a bike event that raises money for the Livestrong Foundation and the Ulman Cancer Fund.
No hat...too damned hot.

The most frustrating part of the day was that I had tons of energy as my nutrition was spot on.
I went through 30 servings of Gu Roctane and water (7 bottles on the bike) all day with a little solid food on the bike (PB and J) and soup and cola on the run (walk). One Succeed! Capsule (electrolytes) per hour but none on the run. I never really flagged all day.

There were 2,531 registered athletes.
2,258 Finishers
140 DNF's (did not finish) for Men
68 DNF's for Women
65 DNS (did not start)

There were 93 starters in my age group (55-59 Yikes! am I that old?) and 84 finishers. I was 67/84
In the Year leading up to IMLP my training consisted of:
105 Kilometers of Swimming (about 64 miles)
4220 miles on the bike
1,278 running miles
615 hours worth of my time.
Toss some time in the weight room and yoga in there too.
Totals are from my paper training log and may vary slightly from my on line log. My paper is more accurate, but when it comes to this kind of thing I tend to not be wrapped that tight.

On the bike I saw 6 folks with flat tires. It was obvious that some of them had no idea how to fix it. Witnessed 2 bad crashes. And 3 folks who were DQ'd although I can only find one on the record. Saw a number of folks pinged (penalized) for drafting but not sure how many....I saw at least 5 in the penalty tents.

This was my 4th Lake Placid, my fourth Ironman and my Ironman PW (Personal worst) and I told Mary Lou that if I ever want to do Lake Placid again, she has permission to beat me senseless with a ball peen hammer.
I enjoyed this IM better than the other was fun even though it hurt, and I think that's because I was real good about my to experience some new stuff, like finishing late,
and just how dark it can get on the River Road. I was also witness to the legend of Matt Long become even deeper and richer...a very special part of the day.
All in all...No complaints! It's just Ironman.

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  1. Nice stats, I like your writing style. I bet you will be at lack placid next year :-)