Sunday, January 4, 2009


Life really is too serious to take seriously, hence: The Goofy Challenge!
Off to Disney World this week to run the GC for the 4th time.
It's a wonderful event and all about the fun.
On Saturday the 10th I'll run the WDW 1/2 Marathon (13.1) miles. Leaves Epcot and heads over to the Magic Kingdom and back.
On Sunday...I get to do it again but this time running the WDW Marathon (26.2). This race leaves Epcot and runs to hell and gone all over the theme parks. It's really a good time. Disney does an outstanding job of moving people ...even those that happen to be running.
Mary Lou is running her third 1/2 Mary on Saturday...In fact a repeat of these shinnanigans is her fault! I was willing to not go back the run there this year, but lo and behold, the announcement came in January that the races were open for registration and she said she would love to back...
This Year Emily and Tim will go with us and I'm sure that will provide even more fun.

Running at Disney isn't about negative splits and pace and such (although I am sure it is for's not for me.) Doing a race there is about seeing Alice in Wonderland and doing the "terrorist fist bump" with Mickey and Minnie! Fireworks in the pre-dawn darkness and the sun rise over the Magic Kingdom.  It's about the church choir that comes out and the high school bands that play and cheer and the special needs kids who sit on the roadside and just hope for a high five from a can you pass them up?
If you run there and go head down,hell bent for leather you'll miss a lot. Better to stay home and run a race without the all the!
(Please note: Race distances in parenthesis  are for those folks who can't remember.)

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  1. I like the new blog name, Anton, although following you and your adventures, I still believe you are an aging superhero!