Sunday, January 4, 2009


This is the third incarnation of a Blog I started years ago.
It started as "The Razor's Edge." Over on
Way too serious of a name! I mean how many people do YOU know who've actually read the "Upanishads?"  It 's true that life is like walking the edge of a razor...but enough with the possible doom already!
Incarnation two was Aging Superhero." Jeepers...who am I kidding? After all the name just popped into my head while I was searching for a new name and wasn't intended for long term use anyway. I deleted that Blog...which was fun because life isn't about permanent anyway.

So here we come to Anton's Path. 
Some are rocky and steep and others are easy and flat. You never know what the day's path will be like until you're well on it.
Tolkein wrote something to the effect of: "When you go out your door, keep to your feet for there is no telling where you may be swept off too."

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog Anton. I look forward to reading about some ultra runs in the very near futyre