Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Observations on running with the Mouse.

Compression socks don't help you walk any faster.
Compression socks really do help AFTER the event.
The number of newbies that have no idea what they are doing is staggering,
they can be dangerous to those around them.
Don't get pissed...your number says Corral E and that's why they won't let you in Corral B.
Race starts with fire works are so cool!
D tags come off really easily...there were tons of them near mile 18 and 19 just before the place where you can cut the course.
Running a half marathon in the dark makes for easy pee stops.
Does everyone who runs on the road in VFF's tape ice to their knees after every race?
You meet the nicest people during a race but the relationship usually doesn't last long.
Arm warmers look dumb with a singlet.
I swear the largest age group seems to be women 20-24.
Real runners wear split shorts.
Those folks that come in in 3 hours for the half and 7 for the full...they're tough.
Disney has the nicest volunteers.
Screaming at your boy friend won't get him to go faster. I know this from past experience.
Everybody deserves a pat on the back.
Hot tea heals all wounds....so does a kiss.
Running 5 abreast on a one lane road can piss off 21,000 other people.
He really does look like Jack Sparrow.
If you drop something during a race and stop to pick it up you WILL get knocked flat on your ass.
If you stop ON THE FINISH LINE to wait for a friend you WILL get knocked flat on your ass.
Looking at your watch as you cross the finish line at your first marathon just eliminates half a dozen pictures that you'll buy to remember the race.
Just because you finished before 18,000 other people doesn't mean you get all the water/bagels/bananas that you can carry.
If you're cold standing at the start line you're dressed right. My guess is you wouldn't be drenched with sweat and could have finished your race faster if you weren't over dressed.
Running is truly a great equalizer.
Finally, as always, the number goes on the front.

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