Monday, December 14, 2009

Ankle update

Three weeks ago I sprained my right ankle while out on a casual 12 miler...Oh man it hurt and since I have a high pain must have REALLY hurt! (It's been said I could give birth to an elephant through my nose and would wonder what the big deal was.)
I've been very diligent in rehabbing it and today I got out for 12 miles and while didn't suck! Wore the ankle brace and went easy till I warmed I finished the last hour in the dark which meant that last hour was a really paranoia fest! "Is that an acorn/pothole/sidewalk crack?" Afraid to turn the ankle again and really muck it up this time! Got home with no problems....
I'll push the milage a bit this week. Can't make up for lost miles while I was getting the joint back in working order, but I'll feel MUCH better going to Disney for the Goofy Challenge a bit back on form.

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