Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pain, Pain Go Away

Well...When last I had time to be here and post something it was all fun. In the post about Lake Placid Ironman you'll recall that I had major foot problems...which lead to stress fracture worries.
I was able to get out for a great ride In Lancaster, PA and keep up with my riding, even though it was painful at times. After a bout of physical therapy for some neck problems I was able to swim more...but running? Completely out of the question. This led me to make a tough decision: Pull out of the Triple Ironman for the third year in a row.
This coming weekend I'm looking at the "24 Hours Of Booty" a biking event. It's the largest 24 hour fund raiser in the country with proceeds going to The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Ulman Cancer Fund and Johns Hopkins.
I'm really looking forward to this since last years event was a literal wash out with a tropical storm and I rode the the car port..on the trainer! It will be nice to actually do it!
Now the foot is questionable, but money was donated and promises made, so at least a good faith ride is in order.
We start at 4:00 in the afternoon on Saturday and plow through till the same time on Sunday.
Hopefully all will go well, but if the foot bothers...I'll bag it and head home. Everything right now is about getting the foot back in order and getting back to running since as many of you know is my first love.
I've had a fair amount of pain issues the past year and have been drawn to some of the pain management books by Dr. John Sarno. "Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection" and "The Divided Mind" He feels that much of our pain...foot pain, back pain, trouble with the piriformis or the IT band. is psychlogical. The pain came from rage and anger that we carry in us. (That's the simplistic version of course) Interesting for me, since I had a professor in college, Denis Lindberg who felt the same thing and from him I developed the felling that it was probably true...
I'll let you know how the 24 Hours Of Booty goes and some more stuff about Sarno later.

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  1. Good luck, Anton! This was on my calendar for this year, but haven't been on my bike in about two months just to be cautious and protect Baby M. Have fun and hope the foot (and mind?) heal!